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will reinvesting a lot some of that came from the house valuations for insurance purpose Jaguar Land Rover acquisition because that was part of the reinvestment but this is give me giving me at least a sense of how much money at a modest made in terms of equity income and how much is actually left over the answer is not much because we’re investing a substantial amount and for free cash relief for Disney I kind of stepped back and said look I’m focusing on the entire basis the operating income adjusted for leases by now you can’t remember what that adjustment as i capitalized leases Make a date when I make a debt now.

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using microscopic pointsof light to target acne treatment Perth precise areas wellbelow the skin surface Fraxel treatmentstimulates a natural healing processthat produces collagen and elastinhealing occurs literally from the insideout to reveal fresh healthy skin sinceeach spot is surrounded by healthytissue your skin heals very quicklyFraxel treatment works on all skin typesand is FDA cleared for multiple skinconditions uneven pigmentation anddiscoloration the mask of pregnancy

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building inspectionwithin the three days and if you can’tbring me because I’ve got people thatcould do it for you in three days okayso you’ve got three clear business daysand that is from the time you sign thecontract not the vendor so from the dayyou sign is when the three clear daysstarts so if the vendor takes two daysto respond you got one day left one ofthe other things to eliminate thatproblem is put a deadline on your offerevery single time we call it a sunsetclause we give the vendor depending onthe situation and how much competitionwe think we might have a

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try to maximize theexpected after tax after feet frankston psychologist compoundedrisk-adjusted return but that’s not whatyou really do because most people wantto keep their job so they they focus onoptimizing career risk minimizingthat not necessarily you know doing whatthey’re supposed to do in theory rightoh so question our bonus question wealways ask that this is about a bookrecommendation what do you haveyesterday I’m trying to think bookrecommendations um you want to

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we’regoing to check our oil Therma truck pressure gaugeshould immediately build up to theproper operating level next is ourvoltmeter and check a proper operatingrangein the temperature gauge it will be lowbut will rise to proper operating rateoperating range throughout the redcoursenow we want to check our air gauges makesure they build up the governor cutoffor manufacture

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when it comes to truck and trailer part sand Truck Parts Australia equipment there’s a new name to lookout for maxi pads maxi parts is the new name for well-known truck parts and equipment retailers complainer Queensland diesel spares and Gladstone air cleaner services we have combined the best of all three companies and added some new elements to the mix to ensure we can provide our customers with the absolute best in every way whilst the name is new the outstanding service and competitive prices that people have come to expect from complainer eds and Gladstone air cleaner services remains unchanged maxi parts is -percent owned by maxi trans industries Australia’s largest manufacturer and supplier of trailing transport equipment and solutions maxi trans ownership further expands our scale and purchasing power increasing our ability.

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That I adjust the neck on thisbut again I’m just in so many chiropractic Perth timeswe’re going to give you everybody a fullspinal adjustment today or at least uhhave you visualize it on somebody who’sin tremendous pain so this is an oldstyle of adjustment I used to do andhe’s used to it so we’re going to gowith it okayso we’re going to do is we’re going toroll him towards me and we’re going todo is again little light.

Gentle pumps onthis l this right here it’s alreadystarting to go okay just kind of gettingthem pretty tensed here only because wejust want to don’t we don’t want toshove it want to kind of gently let meget me in here good perfectplus

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of the big chassis rails that they used Mohave years ago much lighter and you know we’re running trailers around now that-are three and four tonne at least winsome cases five and six times lighter and their durability is there’s certainly they in less Therma Truck than two hours decks reloaded cattle kept quiet and all it requires is one Stock man from nap Co plus the drivers no shouting.

no temperateness trucks pull out of land wreaths and head back towards Roma Fraser says these triple with its -foot -foot and-foot trailers has proved a very efficient combination the B triples run type one Road train routes conventional doubles and are built within the same length and height dimensions as a type combination they’re much safer vehicle their tractability is much better.

than the type or type Road train and but as I say they do have that disadvantages because access into some properties is a bit difficult with B triples and it’s more difficult whereas if you get with your type Road train it’s quite easy to break them up and take your lead trailer in.

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Referring to or associated matters such as finances and children the parties can agree those matters then they can be resolved on an amicable and timely basis but it’s when parties cannot reach an agreement that that can lead to protracted and expensive.

court proceedings I think it’s important to add that we do advise all of our clients to carefully consider when they apply for the decree absolute in many cases we advise grants to delay applying the final certificate which brings.

The marriage to an end until the financial arrangement is in place I’d agree with that and I think actually what Lisa essaying is that it’s bet it often takes a lot longer than the four to six months Mentioned earlier because of that reason and in fact it’s quite common for it to take sort of months plus so again that just dispels the myth of quickie divorce again we’ve got sort out those finances within the divorce procedure itself it’s what about adultery that presumably is the most common.

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convert are you or Amazon or Eba or another book shop you can come across there pretty much selling my book everywhere now here’s the thing if it’s so good why isn’t everyone doing it right you know the skeptics out there will say Conrad if developers are giving you ten percent deposit and giving you in the finance why isn’t everyone doing it well let me tell it the reality of the situation people are not doing anything because people are stupid that’s the reality OK people lazy and dumb most people and are just coming home after work and just watchmaking and watching TV and eating junk food.

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This book many people have read is book none day and they claim it’s the best piece of information they’ve ever come across in real estate investing specifically when it comes to finance and the reason I wrote the book on finance rather than real estate investing is my first book because Believe this is the most neglected part of the education today you know most people know how to identify good areas but very few people know how to structure their property portfolio correctly and that’s one of the most neglected aspects of investing in real estate today and you can get this by going to my website book on finance.